While the lights have dimmed at on-ground events, we rose above the challenges of the new norm with a lowtouch digital space that bridges the social distance to continue nurturing meaningful engagements right at the comfort of homes, with relevant and engaging online experiences.

It’s all about re-engineering brand experiences for multi-dimensional engagements in the digital landscape — a calculated modification of our services towards the behavioural shifts taking place across all market segments due to the pandemic. We’re fostering the strength of BTL marketing to harness the power of the online and electronic platforms so you can trigger action, drive retention, and develop brand loyalties even further especially in these low-touch economic times.

It is offered in two different versions.

A standalone Video Event Page on a separate VEAP.tv website. Here, viewers can access the Event page on the same website.


An add-on to the Plenary function of VEAP, allowing users with intermittent Internet connections to access the platform.